VW Settlement

Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust for Indian Tribe Beneficiaries (the “Indian Tribe Trust”)


The purpose of the Indian Tribe Trust is to expeditiously and efficiently fund Eligible Mitigation Actions projects that reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (“NOx”). The projects funded under the Tribal Trust include replacing or repowering various types of diesel vehicles or equipment.  Designated Tribal Beneficiaries are eligible to pursue funding for the Eligible Mitigation Actions projects.

Pursuant to a Notice of Beneficiary Designation filed by the Trustee with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, the Pueblo of Isleta has been designated as a Beneficiary of the Indian Tribe Trust.

For purposes of participating in the Indian Tribe Trust, the Pueblo of Isleta provides the following information on the Pueblo’s NOx Projects:



First Funding Cycle

Second Funding Cycle

Third Funding Cycle

POI NOx Emissions Reduction Project-Appendix D-4_4-30-19 (Trustee approved) POI Appendix D-4 (Second Round Funding Cycle)- SIGNED Appendix D-4 Pueblo of Isleta Mitigation Certification Third Funding Cycle
Pueblo of Isleta Semi-Annual Report (May – Nov 2019) POI Beneficiary Report Second Funding Cycle (Nov 2019 – May 2020)
POI Beneficiary Report First Funding Cycle (July – Dec 2019)
POI Beneficiary Report First Funding Cycle (Jan – June 2020)

 For more information contact Governor’s Office at: (505) 869-3111


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