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Research objectives for a number of archaeological projects are in place. These are projects to be initiated in 2014 (NPS Grant). These include ongoing research at the Isleta Mission church complex that is preceding a Tribal development project. Activities include ground penetrating radar and testing. Other research initiatives spurred by Tribal development include the survey and analysis of traditionally sensitive hill locations and housing renovation sites within the old village. An important cultural landscape surrounding the prominent archaeological site of Pottery Mound will also be subject to intense study. Pottery Mound (LA416) is being severely threatened by massive erosion. The protection and preservation of this site is of the highest priority to the DCHP and the Pueblo of Isleta.

Church CCD Complex

PictureA ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey was conducted at the church complex to help locate, identify, and spatially define any additional possible cultural features that may exist in the area. Of primary concern is the potential impact future construction projects may have on these and other possible archaeological features. 
These GPR surveys were therefore necessary. The surveys were successful at mapping a number of potential archaeological features, including additional walls in the east compound courtyard, and possible architecture related to the historic church arches on the south end of the compound. One area outside the northern wall of the compound was surveyed that showed no significant archaeological features.