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Isleta Police Department



The Pueblo of Isleta has a Community Tip Line where you may report suspicious or unlawful activity while remaining completely anonymous. No one will contact you for using this service. The Tip Line number is (505) 264-7258.

Anyone with information concerning the incident or the stolen items is encouraged to contact us.

Druga Take Back Event – October 2023

IPD Public Service Announcement – Don’t Drink & Drive Clip

IPD Public Service Announcement – Child Safety Clip

Highway Patrol Team

From Left to Right: Officer Chavez, Officer Hooee and Officer Abeita

Patrol Units

Hours of Operation

IPD Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Dispatch & Police Patrol Hours:
Sunday – Saturday
24 hours a day

To report a crime tip

Via Email, click the button below
Or call the
Police Community Anonymous Hotline
at ​505-264-7258  

To view the published regulations and ordinances by the Isleta Tribal Council click the button below.