Found Pets

Found Animals – Valencia County Animal Shelter holds animals for only 72 hours!

If your pet goes missing, please contact Animal Control right away at 505-869-7564.  If Animal Control is unable to locate the owner, the animal is transported to the Valencia County Animal Shelter.

How to reclaim Your Pet

If your pet has been impounded and taken to the Valencia County Animal Shelter (VCAS), contact the POI
Animal Control, 505-869-7564.  A POI Animal Control Form must be presented to VCAS to reclaim the pet. VCAS will not release a pet without the form.  POI Animal Control will issue the required claim form to reclaim your pet.   Impound fees will apply and must be paid at the time of reclaiming the pet.  VCAS accepts only Check or Money Order payable to Valencia County Animal Control.

VCAS will hold pets for only seventy-two hours.  After the seventy-two hour hold has expired, pets will be released into the general adoption population.  Once the pet is released into the adoption population, owners will be required to adopt the pet and must abide by the VCAS adoption contract.  Adoption fees are higher than reclaim fees. Adoption fees will include sterilization. VCAS contact information: 505-866-2479.

If the adoption contract is NOT fulfilled, VCAS has the authority to remove the pet from the owner’s possession. If a pet is impounded and reclaimed (second offense), sterilization will be the responsibility of the owner.

Found Pets by POI Animal Control, any questions, please call POI Animal Control, 505-869-7564

Adopt a Pet!

Valencia County Animal Shelter offers Pet Adoptions for a small fee!
Adoption fees include a veterinary exam, shots and sterilization.

Dogs: $92
Cats: $72

All dogs and cats which are already spayed/neutered are only $10 to adopt!

Found Cat off TR 40 (Village Area). Grey & White Male with Grey collar.

Found dog on Highway 47 by Gas Stations. Please call Animal Control at (505) 869-3030

Valencia County Animal Shelter

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9:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m.

Valencia County Animal Shelter Ordinance