Tribal Council

Welcome to the Pueblo of Isleta Tribal Council

The Tribal Council is the legislative authority for the Pueblo.  It is given the power from the people to generate and adopt all ordinances, resolutions, or other legislation conducive to the welfare of the people of Isleta.  The Council is made up of seven members, and are elected every two years by popular vote of tribal members.

Tribal Council Room

2021-2022 Tribal Council

Council President:
Joe Pat Padilla

Council Vice President:
Charlene Seidl

Council Secretary:
Rodney Jones

Council Members:
Diane Peigler
Herman Lente
Joyce Jojola
Lawrence Lucero

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Amending Resolution 2020-005

Call for Applicants for Isleta Health Board, Tribal Enrollmentand and Sponshorship/Donation Committes

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