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​It is the mission of the Isleta Pueblo Housing Authority to provide opportunities to all responsible eligible tribal members to own safe, sanitary and affordable housing developed utilizing  traditional Pueblo designs that are environmentally sound, in an environment which preserves the Isleta customs and traditional values and will promote and develop affordable quality housing opportunities; promote and establish homeownership opportunities; operate an efficient and effective housing program; improve and strengthen customer support to residents; and promote tribal economic growth through capital financing to improve housing opportunities.

The IPHA has been in existence since 1996 when Isleta Pueblo, along with other Pueblos, removed itself from the All Indian Pueblo Housing Authority (AIPHA). The Isleta Pueblo Housing Authority operates under an Ordinance adopted by the Tribal Council in 1996.  Under this Ordinance, A Board of Commissioners is identified as the governing body for the IPHA.

In December 2010, Tribal Council established a five member Board of Commissioners of the IPHA. The IPHA is a separate legal entity with is own federal tax identification number and a set of laws (the “Ordinance”) which sets forth its powers, authorities and limitations, and governs its activities.

The IPHA is made of the following departments:

  1. Administration
  2. Home Ownership Counseling Department
  3. Development Department
  4. Maintenance Department
  5. Force Account Construction Crew

IPHA Administers:

  1. Indian Housing Block Grant
  2. Indian Community Development Block Grant
  3. Pueblo of Isleta funding
  4. Housing Loan Fund

Provide Housing and Related Services Primarily to Low-Income Families

  • Isleta Pueblo Housing Authority (IPHA) maintains a waiting list which must be updated periodically for federally assisted (HUD) housing. Assistance is available for new home construction, rehabilitation and renovation. Ask for home ownership consultant for more information.
  • IPHA provides maintenance and repair services on a called-in work order basis. Services include but are not limited to seasonal services (a/c and furnace), heating, plumbing, electrical, sewer backups window and door replacement.
  • Roof repairs are on a contract basis. Participants may be eligible for free services or a re-payment agreement. Participant will need to contact IPHA to establish eligibility.
  • IHPA has the capacity through our architectural office for the design of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant new homes and renovation designs. Services also include environmental assessments, abatement, soil testing and site development.
​2017 Home Improvement Program (HIP) 

The Isleta Pueblo Housing Authority is accepting applications for the FYI 2017 Home Improvement Program (HIP) for safety or sanitation repairs, renovations, and replacement of a home for substandard dwellings.  Applications are available at the Isleta Pueblo Housing Authority Office.  After submission of the application with all required documentations it will be determined if you meet the “eligible” criteria for the HIP Program.
Documentation required with the application:

  1. Copy of C.I.B. (Certificate of Indian Blood)
  2. Proof of Income (Last year’s Tax Return, SSI Award Letter, etc.)
  3. Most Important: Proof of ownership to either the existing home and/or land.
  4. Provide documentation if the applicant is stating family member has disability or is handicap (Letter from a “Doctor”, Veterans’ Administration, or Social Security, etc.)

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Bernadette Lente, Executive Assistant at (505) 869-4153 Ext. 9345.

IPHA accepting applications for Plumbing Rehabilitation Project
Homeownership Counseling Program (HOC)

​The Homeownership Counseling Program (HOC) is continuously accepting applications to provide safe, decent, and sanitary housing assistance which is managed consistent with applicable federal laws and regulations.
Program Requirements Eligibility for HUD (IHBG) Housing Assistance

  • Complete Admission’s Application
  • Provide Tribal Census Cards for all family members listed on the application
  • Must submit Tribal Residency Approval to Reside on the Isleta Reservation if a non-tribal member is listed on the application
  • Submittal of copies of Social Security Cards for every family members listed on the application
  • Must provide income verification and award letters for all family members who are employed or receiving benefits from Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Welfare Assistance and etc.,
  • All family members over the age of 18 are required to sign an Authorization for Release of Information and Drug Form
  • Must update Admission’s Application every three (3) years to be eligible to remain on the Waiting List meeting all requirements.

Please contact our office if you have any questions we are here to serve you and will be delighted to assist you in maintaining your application on the Waiting List to become a successful homebuyer.   Applications are available at the front desk and one can be mailed to you upon request if you are not able to pick one up.   When you submit your first Admission’s Application to our office please ask to speak with Frances Sandoval for review of your application and to assure that all required documentation is sufficient for eligibility processing withou

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Contact Numbers:
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​Fax Number: 505-869-7595


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