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Pueblo of Isleta Regulations, Ordinances, & Standards

All publications below pertain to the Pueblo of Isleta.  Click on title of publication to view.  Publications can be printed, but will always print with the watermark in the background.  Should you have any questions regarding any of these documents, please contact the Isleta Tribal Council Office at: 505-869-9746.


Surface Water Quality Standards, Adopted 1992


Business Permit Policy, 2011
Business Permit Application
Corporations Ordinance, 2012
Gaming Compact 2015
Gaming Compact , Amended 2007
Gaming Class II Ordinance of Tribal Law, 1994
Gaming Permitted Ordinance of Tribal Law , Amended 12/1994
Gaming Permitted Ordinance of Tribal Law, Amended 3/1995
Gaming Permitted Ordinance of Tribal Law, Amended 1997
Gaming Regulatory Agency Regulations, 2007 & 2014
Gaming Regulatory Agency, Amended 2002
Gasoline Tax, Amended 2010
Gasoline Tax Rate, 1999
Liquor Sales Ordinance, Amended 2008
Isleta Business Corporation Charter, Amended 2011
Isleta Business and Opportunity Act, Amended & Restated 10/2007
Isleta Business and Opportunity Act to Provide for Indian Preference, Amended & Restated 08/2015
Lodgers Tax and Pueblo Enterprise Sales Tax, Enacted 2008
Tribal Tax Ordinance, Chapter 6, Amended 2011
Tribal Tax Code, Amended 1999


Employee Grievance Review Procedures Amended 2019
Fair Labor Standards Ordinance
Family and Medical Leave Ordinance
Labor Relations Ordinance