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Outreach is important because it…

  • Works as a liaison between the community and the Elder Center
  • Aids in building networks and collaboration between existing organizations and service providers
  • Helps to empower individuals by referring them to resources they otherwise might not use or even have knowledge of 
  • Informs and educates the community on a variety of topics that impact elders and their families/caregivers

Outreach is used to describe a wide range of activities that attempt to provide prevention information, education on various topics and referrals to social services geared towards target populations, in this case, the elders and families of elders in the Pueblo of Isleta. Examples of outreach include, but are not limited to, presentations, trainings, events, fairs, public service announcements, brochures, one-on-one meetings, home visits, etc.

The Community Outreach Coordinator serves as a resource advocate for elders and their families and/or caregivers. Assistance is provided for elders who need help locating community services, as well as, referrals to public and private agencies. Socialization and crisis intervention are also provided, as well as, obtaining access to, and coordination of, necessary rehabilitative, medical and financial benefits and entitlements.


For more information, contact the Community Operations Manager at (505) 869-9770, ext. 9024

To inquire about any services, please call the Elder Center at 505-869-9770