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Parties Contact Information

The Court must have a current mailing address, physical address, working telephone number and a message number (if necessary) for all parties to a case.  The Court uses this information to contact parties if a hearing is unexpectedly vacated, continued or rescheduled.  Parties are held responsible for issues resulting from inaccurate contact information, such as bench warrants, default judgments, fines and/or fees. 

Requesting an Extension

Persons unable to complete community service hours or pay fines/fees by the deadline can file a Motion for an Extension.  A judge reviews the request and a clerk notifies the person whether or not it was granted. 

Requesting a Continuance

Any party unable to attend a hearing may file a Motion to Continue.  The motion must be filed at least seven (7) days before the hearing or in an emergency as soon as possible.  The requesting party must contact the Court to find out whether the continuance was granted prior to the hearing. A continuance may be denied if requested too late, the opposing party objects or several continuances have been previously granted.  If the Court denies the motion to continue and the party fails to appear a bench warrant or default judgment can be issued.