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Approximately 8,600 one-way trips are provided to seniors in Isleta Pueblo annually.  The trips vary from adult day care pick-up, to lunch and activities, to shopping and individual rides, to medical appointments.


Without access to safe, reliable, efficient and affordable transportation, older adults and individuals with disabilities may be unable to access medical care, groceries and/or activities at our senior center, isolating these individuals and diminishing their quality of life.

Depending upon your destination, curb-to-curb transportation is provided Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm to individuals ages 60 and older.  ADA Accessible vehicles are available upon request.

The Center provides transportation for:

  • Doctor & Pharmacy Visits 
  • Grocery Shopping (Wal-Mart, Smith’s, Albertson’s, etc.)
  • Retail Shopping (Wal-Mart, JCPenney, Sears, etc.)
  • Mail, Banking and Bill Paying (Family Consent Required)
  • Pick-Up for Lunch at the Center
  • Day at the Isleta Recreation Center
  • Day at the Spa

In most cases, clients with special needs can be accommodated, however, escorts are not provided. If necessary, the client is able to bring an individual along to assist them. Please inform the manager of any special transportation needs (e.g. ADA Accessible access).



All transportation requests must be made 24-hours in advance by contacting:
Operations Manager at (505) 869-9770, ext. 9024