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Records Request

Isleta Tribal Court provides the services below for a fee upon submitting a Request for Records form. A Clerk will contact the requesting party by telephone when the request is complete. It takes at least five (5) days to process requests. Payment must be made at the time of pick-up and if the total is more than $5.00 it must be paid by money order or cashier’s check.

  • Criminal background check: $5.00 (must be paid by money order) 
  • Copies of court documents: 50¢ per page for each copy.
  • Audio recordings:  $15.00 per CD

A Court Clerk will review court records for the document(s) requested.  It takes at least five (5) days to process requests.  The Clerk will contact you by telephone when the request is complete.

Accommodating Special Needs

The Court strives to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to accommodate persons with special needs or disabilities so they can understand and fully participate in hearings.  Assistance may include providing interpreters for Tiwa and Spanish-speakers, sign interpreters, use of hearing devices and other assistance for those with speech, hearing, or vision impairments. The ADA does not require the Court to take action that fundamentally alters its programs or services, or imposes an undue financial or administrative burden.  Those requiring special assistance should notify the Court as soon as possible to make arrangements prior to a hearing.  There is no cost associated with providing these accommodations. 

Tribal Court Community Service Program

Any Pueblo of Isleta agency, non-profit group or community organization may submit a Request for Community Service Workers to have community service workers perform work for their agency. The work must be performed within the Isleta community and the Agency must submit an information sheet, make the request at least 30 days in advance, supervise community service workers, submit a report that lists those who worked, number of hours completed and any incidents of non-compliance. The Court cannot provide supervision of workers until further notice.

The Court will either sentence a defendant to complete community service hours or allows community service work in lieu of fines, fees and payment for devices such as SCRAM, GPS and Soberlink. The Court works with Isleta agencies to schedule community service activities and serve as worksites for those who need to complete community service. Defendants must contact an agency on the List of Agencies to schedule their community service hours and submit their Community Service Log Sheet to the Court. Defendants are also required to comply with the following rules:

Community Service Program Rules

  1. Arrive at the scheduled location on the date/time scheduled (and not be late).
  2. Do not be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol (will be reported to the Court).
  3. Follow and obey instructions of the Site Supervisor.
  4. Perform work to the best of ability (and not sit around).
  5. Do not leave the work site without permission of the Site Supervisor.
  6. Act appropriately and do not use abusive language.
  7. Do not destroy tools or property.
  8. Do not accept payment for work performed.
  9. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather and work site.
  10. Sign the Acknowledgment and Waiver and submit the original Community Service Log Sheet with hours completed and signatures as proof of completion.